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Wendy Wolford is an Associate Professor in Development Sociology and an International Professor as well as a field member in Latin American Studies and International Agriculture and Rural Development. Wendy’s research interests include the political economy and geography of development, social movements and resistance, agrarian societies, political ecology, land use, land reform, and critical ethnography, all with a regional concentration in Latin America, particularly Brazil. Her research and teaching specifically focuses on four projects: the changing nature of the state and land reform in Brazil; the moral economies of social mobilization, particularly focused on the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement in Brazil; political ecologies of conservation and agriculture in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador; and the politics and practices of new land deals (the so-called “global land grab”). Wendy has published widely and is a founding member of the Land Deals Politics Initiative (LDPI), as well as incoming Associate Director of Economic Development for the Atkinson Center for Sustainable Futures at Cornell. Wendy is also the PI of the ACSF Academic Venture Fund (AVF) project tasked with creating an indicator for assessing rural vulnerability. Wendy’s next research project articulates well with the interests of this proposal. She plans to deepen a study of “Brazil in Africa,” studying the ways in which the Brazilian agricultural research and extension agency (EMBRAPA) has extended its reach into key sub-Saharan countries to provide technology, training and tools for transferring the so-called Brazilian miracle (Economist 2010) to the semi-arid tropics of Africa.

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