Contested Global Landscapes

A Multidisciplinary Initiative of the Cornell Institute for the Social Sciences

Prof. Steven Wolf is an Associate Professor in the department of Natural Resources. His research and teaching on social relations of land emphasizes the resources, interests and accountability mechanisms that structure interplay among state, market and civil society actors in processes of conservation and economic development. He works primarily in agricultural and forested landscapes, and he focuses on the tensions and the policy responses that emerge from various socioeconomic and environmental claims on land. Prof. Wolf engages questions of environmental governance critically, as his work seeks to place these claims and policy responses in a social, historical and institutional context.  Within the ISS Contested Global Landscapes project, he will be conducting research on forest land tenure and payments for ecosystem services within agrienvironmental policy. The work will include studies in USA, the EU and China.  The empirical cases provide points of entry to questions of conservation finance,  institutional investments in land, and new roles for state actors in environmental governance.

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