Contested Global Landscapes

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Institute for the Social Sciences
2012-2015 Theme Project on Contested Landscapes
Call for Faculty Associates

The Institute for the Social Sciences is seeking one faculty associate for the 2012-2015 theme project, “Contested Global Landscapes: Property, Governance, Economy and Livelihoods on the Ground.” This project is co-led by Charles Geisler and Wendy Wolford, both from Development Sociology, and includes 5 additional faculty fellows.

The goal of this theme project is to conduct sustained, interdisciplinary research on the recent rush to acquire land –dubbed a “global land grab” by activists. The World Bank estimates that the number of hectares of terrestrial surface rights changing hands has increased twenty-fold in recent years. Acquisitions globally are motivated by rising food and fuel prices, anticipated commodity and resource scarcities, new incentives for financial speculation, and concerns over dwindling spaces for “nature.” For further information, please read the 2012 – 2015 theme project description, the project proposal, and information about the structure of ISS theme projects.

The faculty associate will receive a $6,000 discretionary budget in support of his or her research within the theme project and an ISS office during the 2013-2014 academic year. Cornell tenure-track faculty who wish to join the 2020-2015 theme project should submit a double-spaced 5-page proposal that integrates well with the theme project and a current CV to by 3 p.m. on March 8, 2013. Proposals should describe the (1) applicant’s proposed individual and collaborative research relevant to the theme project, (2) describe how the proposed research enhances the theme project, and (3) describe how the applicant complements the existing faculty fellows. Please submit application materials electronically to . We prefer proposals in pdf format with the two parts of the application compiled into one document, but we also accept MS Word documents. No hard copies, please.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read ISS information about theme projects before submitting a proposal. Please direct queries to social

All Cornell faculty, staff, and students are eligible to affiliate with the ISS Contested Global Landscapes (Land) Theme Project. Affiliates receive notification of project events, as well as other related announcements, via the Land listserve. To join, please email , specifying you would like to join the Land listserve, your participant category (faculty, graduate student, undergraduate student etc.) and the department with which you are affiliated.