Contested Global Landscapes

A Multidisciplinary Initiative of the Cornell Institute for the Social Sciences

Guest blogpost by Kathleen Sexsmith, Cornell University

Are foreign investors the real land-grabbers, or should we be assigning more responsibility to the local political actors who allow land deals to go through? At a panel on the importance of local politics on day 2, Lauren Honig from Cornell University and Festus Boamah from the University of Bergen highlighted the uneasy coincidence of interests between local chiefs and global capital, and how this situation is producing many contemporary land-grabs in Africa.

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  1. HoT NeWs » программа land grabber says:

    […] farmers … this is what Texans fear as TransCanada paves the way to build its 1,179-mile … Land-grab or land-give? : Global Land Grabbing II Land-grab or land-give? Guest blogpost by Kathleen Sexsmith, Cornell University. Are foreign […]

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